Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A Dark dirty butterfly at Anton's Well

dirty butterfly

Written by debbie tucker green
Directed by Robert Estes
Anton’s Well Theater Company

At Waterfront Theater, 2020 Fourth St, Berkeley
Until October 7, 2018

In the play dirty butterfly, three characters living separately in a building with very thin walls share a psychic space that is electric with the dark energy of domestic violence.
Jesse Vaughn and Kim Donovan
Jason, a timorous, isolated neurotic with his ear glued to the wall, suffers from second-hand trauma from what he overhears. Amelia, self-contained and straightforward, chooses to protect her boundaries by trying to not get involved. And Jo, the victim of abuse, nevertheless resents the perceived intrusion of her neighbors until she is forced to take desperate action for her own survival.

Jesse Vaughn as Jason

dirty butterfly is an intriguing but disturbing and confusing study of the decisions we must make to watch, engage in, or ignore what others are enduring. Paranoia, rage, compassion and indifference both inform and spring from these decisions.

The minimal set suggests that no matter how we build our personal walls, we are exposed. The characters are skillfully brought to life by Mikah Kavita as the steadfast Amelia, Jesse Vaughn as the somewhat pathetic jason, and Kim Donovan as the abused victim Jo, but none is especially likable. All have British accents, but it is interesting to imagine it in American dialect.
Mikah Kavita as Amelia
Director Robert Estes is to be commended for bringing to light yet another relatively obscure play to Anton's Well Theater Company, taking on the challenge of unprecedented interpretation.

Seeing dirty butterfly is like passing an accident on the freeway: you’re curious and perhaps concerned, but what happens if you get involved?

dirty butterfly
Written by deborah tucker green

Jo - Kim Donovan
Amelia - Mikah Kavita
Jason - Jesse Vaughn

Creative Team
Director - Robert Estes
Assistant Director/Producer - Wm. Diedrick Razo
Lighting Designer - Bert van Aalsburg
Costume Designer: Helen Slomowitz
Sound Designer: James Goode
Stage Manager - Ayumi Namba

Photography: Jane Shamaeva

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